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Our Story

Our Story


Steve Lalonde Purchased his family’s home farm in Ormstown, Quebec, in 1984. He and his wife, Loraine, decided to begin the transition to organic production in 1997. Their first fields being certified organic in 2000. Today, Tullochgorum Farm has 220 acres under certification, growing grain corn, soy beans, wheat, alfalfa and two varieties of popcorn.

Growing Popcorn

It was a passion for popcorn that led Steve and Loraine to begin planting a new crop on the farm in 1997. When Steve’s brother gave the couple a few cobs of white popcorn grown in his garden, the seeds of a new venture were, literally, sown. Several years of experimenting with different seed varieties and production techniques led Steve and Loraine to develop their “White Lightning” and “Midnight Special” brands of organic popcorn. What began as a few rows in the garden now occupies roughly 15 acres in the fields, and the only commercially grown organic popcorn in the province of Quebec.

What’s in a Name?

The name “Tullochgorum” , that glorious collection of consonants and vowels that has defied pronunciation, and spelling by heart, by all but those who grew up on this rural road in Southwestern Quebec, originates with the Scottish settlers of the region. One story has it that the lovely “Tullochgorum Reel” was played at the first barn dance on the road, or it may have been named for the village of Tullochgorm in the west of Scotland. It translates roughly from Gaelic to the “green hills”. Pronounce it Tul-luh-gorm, and you will sound like a native,

Grain Cleaning Facility

In order to bring grain cleaning and packaging operations together under one roof, the Lalondes constructed a state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility on the farm. Completed in early 2016, the building houses not only equipment to clean and polish their popcorn crop, as well as other grains grown on the farm, but also dedicated packaging and storage rooms. The “Popcorn Room” is also where we handle farm gate sales. Visitors are welcome to come buy their popcorn here at the farm, but it’s wise to contact us first to make sure someone will be home to serve you.